Stuffed Animal Dissection Solution

How It Works

After grouping by color and a bit of anagramming, teams find that the letters in each color don't anagram to one word. When they start using two words to solve the anagrams they start getting words. Early tests indicated that teams solved red first and found "I HEART" which gave them enough to think they were onto something, and continue with the other colors.

Continuing they find other organs, except that each anagram contains an extra letter: HEARTI, BRAINE, STOMACHN, KIDNEYY, SPLEENE. After all that they have some extra letters that are not part of the organ names. Anagramming them or ordering by the colors of the rainbow (also on the numbered paper) they get INEYE or "In Eye". (if the orange vs. yellow color were less ambiguous the lack of yellow would imply a space)

Once teams look in the back of the eyes they find a hole with a small scrap of paper in it. Hopefully they have to work really hard to get it out, only to find that they were working on the left eye which tells them to look in the other eye. (Needed both eyes to look identical so as not to arouse suspicion if inspected during de-stuffing) The RIGHT eye's scrap of paper gives them "Cornea" which was then entered into the system.



Design Notes

  • Originally started with bears, but bunnies were deemed cuter and harder to cut into. Also fit in with Bunnies By the Bay clue location.
  • Fabric was increased in height and given a baseline to assist in letter recognition allowing better disambiguation of N != Z, L != I, H != I, E != F.
  • Interns got a light stuffing, alpha and beta teams got a firm stuffing, which proved to overtake their vans before they had finished disemboweling it.
  • It was so hard to not tweet that I was using my cordless drill to drill out the eyes of 15 bunnies.
  • My daughter has 3 additional stuffed animals due to the fact that she accompanied me to the store, and that she has me wrapped around her finger.
  • I'm surprised build a bear isn't implicated in more smuggling, it's a great way to hide stuff!

GC Notes

Best GC line: "Look at the purple letters. Do you have a 'brain'?"

~50% of teams saw the bunnies and asked if they got to keep them. One guy called dibs on it after the game was over, to which I replied "OK", and walked away with a huge grin.