Stuffed Animal Dissection

Clue DesignBen Andrews, Nick Fang, Zach Johnson, Andy Rich, Derek Westcott
DevelopmentZach Johnson
ConstructionZach Johnson
StaffingJosh May

This puzzle is presented as a single floppy eared stuffed bunny (from the Build a Bear workshop). Hopefully a member of the team is very attached to the animal and is unwilling to hurt it. Teams are encouraged to open the bunny by GC. Once opened by knife/teeth/tearing, the team finds lots of stuffing and eventually find a piece of paper with five colored numbers and several squares of fabric with letters sewn on them.

The paper helps teams know how many pieces of fabric they are looking for of each color thread (6 red, 8 orange, etc) as well as the order to work with the result (red, orange, green, etc).