NATO Puppets

Clue DesignShane Lile, Ben Andrews, Lauren Cohen
DevelopmentShane Lile, Lauren Cohen
ConstructionShane Lile, Lauren Cohen
StaffingShane Lile, Lauren Cohen, Jett Jones

Teams arrive at Fort Casey State Park and recieve a map showing areas to explore and the following text:

One of our lab supervisors has gone crazy and holed himself in one of the bunkers around the fort. We need information from him, but he's convinced he's completely paranoid and convinced everyone around him is a spy. He's written several messages around the fort; maybe these can help you figure out how to get the information we need out of him. Once you think you know how he thinks, report to his bunker. (Note: the numbers on any messages you find are not a clue; they are there to help you keep track of them)

The clues for this puzzle were spread around Fort Casey, the actual items are shown below.

  1. Always use your cobra voice
  2. Always wear gloves when handling Romanov Embers
  3. Artillery shells are the prime choice
  4. But use the "Zuni" formation next
  5. Captain Ralph always knows best
  6. Chili makes the best dinner!
  7. Especially when something opaque becomes transparent
  8. Etching was Charlie's favorite
  9. Every day Liz ululates
  10. Every Spartan goes to war
  11. Field nurse Julie Taylor is the nicest 😉
  12. Got distracted by new dossier, Randy
  13. Ham I keep eating
  14. Hot elephants will catch them off guard
  15. In case of invasion, hide in diamond room
  16. Invisible Pollux Rays are highly dangerous
  17. Leap apart under fire
  18. Leo's car could get through
  19. Noah has a chrome ornithopter
  20. Not glowy an keeping warm
  21. Not until you show his key
  22. Red fox trots on nails
  23. Shoot targets at the model target range
  24. Snort for clearing olfactory glands
  25. Take twenty kilograms of supplies
  26. Yes, I have an evict order

The lab supervisor (a sock puppet housed in a bunker at the site) issues each team a number of challenges. Teams are expected to responed back to the puppet with a correct response in order to recieve the next question (otherwise they are "spies"). Correct answers to the questions are contained on the solution page, but the final answer to the puzzle can be obtained from the information given (although it is more difficult without the feedback for correct/incorrect question answers).

  1. What is the secret to a clean uniform?
  2. Where can we find a tin dial?
  3. What is the cause of troop apathy?
  4. How can we assure victory?
  5. What weapon of mass destruction is hidden in India?