Clue DesignAndy Echols
DevelopmentAndy Echols, with helpful early suggestions from at least Andy Rich and Derek Westcott. Just about everyone playtested it at some point.
ConstructionAt minimum, Alicia, Andy Echols, Andy Rich, Ben Andrews, Brad Dodson, Chris Meyers, Derek Westcott, Geoffrey Antos, Greg Filpus, Jamie Eckman, Jay "QQ" McCleery, Jessica Benner, Lionel Robinson, Nick Fang, Sean Lambert, Tristan Brown, William Reading. Just about everyone fabbed it at some point.
StaffingGreg Filpus, Marc Reyhner

The puzzle was delivered in a tube containing parts to build six colored, X-shaped "chromosome" pieces and lots of pieces that slide onto the chromosomes. The chromosomes are made up of a central block with four numbered dowels that attach to form the X. Each dowel was cut to a unique length. The six chromosomes were colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The pieces that slide onto the dowels are combinations of colored and silvered wooden spools. Each piece has at least one colored spool, all the colored spools on a piece are the same color, and that color matches one of the chromosomes. Each piece also has a white mark painted on one end.