Bleacher Bum CD Solution

How It Works

Step 1: Cities

Listening to each clip, teams will eventually realize that each song mentions a city or state in its lyrics. They will make a list of these cities/states in the order they appear on the CD.

Step 2: Pro Sports Teams

Astute teams will then realize that the animals on the poster are each the name of a professional sports team (MLB, NBA, NFL, or NHL) from one of the cities from the songs. Teams should then count the number of that animal on the poster (for instance, there might be three dolphins) and index into the city that character corresponds to (so index 3 into Miami to get A). Taking these letters in the order the songs appear on the CD gives the phrase "Seattle Football". The Seattle NFL team is the SEAHAWKS.

The full data is:

Track #Title
1Walking In Memphis
3My Mustang Ford
4Lost and Found Town
5Don't Stop Believing
7Total Hate '95
8The Ostrich
9Back To Avalon
10Take It Easy
11Big, Blonde and Beautiful
12Radiation Vibe
13My Kind of Town
14Something Like That
15Theme from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air



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