Follow the Trail

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Oz, Nick, Erik
Oz, Nick, Erik
Oz, Sean, Andy, James, Jen, Chris, Jamie, Nick, Karen, Shane, Jeremy
Oz, Jen, Teresa


Teams arrive at the Machias trail head of the Snohomish County Centennial Trail. The trail head is located on Virginia Street, Snohomish, WA, just off of S Machias Road. Once teams arrive, they park in the parking lot and go left on the trail. On the left hand side, symbols are on the path. These are all black. To the right of them, English capital letters and numbers are on the trail in different colors. Along the path on the right side, symbols are mounted on posts.

As you cannot walk the trail, we present the symbols below.

In the table below, there are three columns to represent the trail path starting from the start of the path: the symbols on the path, the letter/number (characters) on the path, and the symbols placed on the posts. The top left of the table will be the first characters and symbols found. Walking along the trail, moves you down this table, and wrapping to the second and third column.