Evidence Lockbox

Clue Design
Jamie Eckman
Jamie Echman
William Boyd, Jamie Eckman, Nicholas Fang, Shane Lile, Sylvia Luxenburg, David Major, Marc Rainer, Andy Vanosdale, Erik Neuenschwander, Jason Wodicka
Jessie Tracer, Kristy Tracer


This clue requires you to construct something to solve it.

Upon reaching the appropriate location at Southgate Mall teams were greeted by our staff who gave them a toolbox. Apparently, a piece of "evidence". The toolbox is a cheap plastic affair but is quite clearly sealed shut by an excess of epoxy and copper wiring. Attached to the handle of the toolbox is a standard combination Master Lock (and it should be noted that the lock is not actually locking anything, it's just there):

Underneath the handle is the team's label. On the bottom of the box is a label identifying the toolbox as a Gumshoe Unlimited Brand Toolbox:

If one shakes the toolbox one could deduce that there is a moderately sized object inside. At this point there's only two courses of action: pick the lock (which isn't actually locking anything) or smash the toolbox open. Assuming one doesn't have intimate knowledge of breaking and entering, smashing open the toolbox is probably your best bet. Upon entering the toolbox, the following object is discovered:

It's a bunch of pens! 19 pens to be precise, with bits of colored tape wrapped around them, and various letters in "Papermate" blacked out. Here they are all laid out in a row:

This is the main part of the puzzle, and it should be possible to figure out what to do next with the information given, although it is very helpful to be able to manipulate the pens. Feel free to construct your own replica set.