Clue Design
Ben Andrews, Adam David Harmetz
Ben Andrews, Adam David Harmetz
JD Klaka, Jon Canan, Brian Willard, Eilene Hao, Erin McClure, Derek Westcott, James Stimers, Rick, Andy Rich
Andy Rich, Jamie Eckman, David Hayes, Bill Boyde, Marc Reyhner, Kristina Tracer, Jessie Tracer, Scott Blomquist, Jeff
Special Appreciation to
Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, James, Rob, Robby, Robert, Bob, and Dennis. Thanks to all of you for rising to the occasion.


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Two unassuming conference rooms in 121 found themselves outfitted with a software-controllable motorized tennis ball maze called the Minotaur.

When teams first arrived, the Minotaur was disabled (sometimes even covered by cloth) and a grid of letters with a die was present. There were also five computer terminals that were locked with a password box visible.