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Clue Design
Chris Meyers, Christina Lane
Chris Meyers, Christina Lane
Chris Meyers, Christina Lane


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World map site

World map with labeled cities

The Teams each get a game board and a set of cards. The cards are ordered, and have their ordering marked on them (They say "6 of 28", etc.) The cards lead the team (as detectives) in pursuit of Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen on a crime spree. A nearby actual world map (in a park's grassy field) provides city names, as well.


Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen have started a crime spree! They’re stealing landmarks and objects from all over the world. Fortunately, we’ve tapped into Carmen’s communication system, so we can help, but you’ll have to track and her henchmen down.

1 of 28

We’ve intercepted the first message from Carmen to one of her henchmen, but we can’t make it out: 2,15,18,9,19,19,20,5,1,12,13,5,

2 of 28

We’ve got another message, but it’s even more garbled then the first:
... --- .-. .. ... ... - . .- .-.. .-.. --- -. -.. --- -. -... .-. .. -.. --. .

3 of 28

This newest message has us stumped:
o o o  o o   o oo o o    oo o 
o  oooo o   o oo o  o   oooo o
  o o   o   o o     o   o     
 oo  o oo   o o oooooo ooo o
 o  o o o    oo  o  o o   o 
oo          o o ooo o     o 
ooo o oo  o o o ooo o o ooo 
o oo o    o   oo   oo  o o  
  o o o       o     o o o

4 of 28

Carmen might be catching on to our spying, but she can’t stop it:

00010 01111 10010 01001 10011
00111 01111 00000 10100 01111
10010 01111 01101 00101 00000

5 of 28

We’ve caught one of Carmen’s agents, but she’s sent another one out. And they’ve already stolen something. We don't speak Afrikaans, but if we did, we'd have to tell the local superheroes that they'd have to go without their favorite fashion accessory now that Carmen had stolen them. Plus the city would now just be referred to as _town.

6 of 28

Carmen can’t keep ahead of us forever. And at least we can read her next message, to her agent Natasha:
natasha is Nothing if Not Wise, and will know where to go.

7 of 28

Our in-house detectives are having trouble with this next message:
now go to an ancient place where there is stuff to steal Everywhere.

8 of 28

We feel we’ve almost cracked the messages that Carmen is sending her henchmen: you must Swiftly Wander to a new destination.

9 of 28

Our analysts have got it figured out, they’ll meet you at the next destination for an apprehension: natasha, you must be Sent Elsewhere to steal even more.

10 of 28

Carmen has sent another henchman to Australia, unfortunately, she realized we had broken her encryption scheme’s so she thought up something better. Fortunately for our detectives we came, saw, and conquered her first attempt:

11 of 28

Carmen insists that her new encryption is ten better than her last one, that won’t stop us from catching her agent:

12 of 28

Carmen has got the drop on us again! All we know is that she’s sent somebody to the bottom of the subcontinent.

13 of 28

We’re onto her again, but she’s changed her messages: The hearty roads end everywhere. Someone issued x-rays together yesterday.

14 of 28

Her agent is moving fast now: One narrow entrance, though hopefully in regional territory, yet free, is very enjoyable.

15 of 28

The only thing our analysts are getting from these messages is a philosophical sense of existentialism:
Forever only really taunts you for inside vanity erodes.

16 of 28

You’ll have to figure this one out and catch her agent:
Only neat eaters eat in giant houses to yanni.

17 of 28

We’re pretty sure Carmen only has one henchman left:
Windy city theft
USA’s tallest building
gone in an instant

18 of 28

Our analysts think these messages are stupid, because they don’t even rhyme:
City a mile up
losing john and an omelet
mountains all around

19 of 28

All our analysts went to look up dirty limericks instead, so you’ll have to solve this one:
Fat Tuesday Parade
Out from under their noses
The French quarter too

20 of 28

We think we know what this one means:
Ancient Aztec Town
from the capital taken:

21 of 28

We’ll corner Carmen’s last henchmen here:
Before bay of pigs
a real vacation hot spot
let’s steal their cigars

22 of 28

Carmen was finally out of cronies, so she had to start stealing herself. Carmen began her crime spree in South America, stealing the namesake pepper of this capital before making a quick escape.

23 of 28

With Carmen herself doing the crimes, there are no messages to intercept. She did leave some clues, however: Virginia, Nile

24 of 28

More clues: Africa, Bend, Song of the

25 of 28

She’s still well ahead of us: Middle, wood

26 of 28

We just missed her in this city: Dakota, Park

27 of 28

We think we can finally catch up with her, meet us at the next city to finally put an end to Carmen’s thievery: Wing, Kanye

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