Planning for The Intern Game starts shortly after the completion of the previous years' event, so production for 2020 started in August 2019. We start our location scouting as early as possible to allow for booking large hub locations with enough lead time. Our planned route, east from Seattle towards Levenworth, brings us across the mountains into the more desert like regions in central Washington, a perfect area for an Western themed event. We selected an appropriate hub location, booked it and continued with the rest of our planning. Through the end of 2019 we continued with puzzle creation and some initial beta testing as usual.

Early March 2020 brought on some drastic changes to the direction of the event, and after pushing out our decision as long as possible we made the choice to attempt to run a virtual event as there were concerns that even if internships weren't canceled there would be less interest in this sort of large scale social event.

Prior to the change we had a total of 31 puzzles in progress. A portion of the existing puzzles were able to be re-worked into a digital format. Others we created from scratch, and a rushed timeline to re-imagine the event digitally was agreed upon.

There were a number of changes made to support the digital format: