Bounties gave teams an opportunity to bond with their team mates and do some something outside of the virtual world of the game.

Call me MaybeSend an audio (or video) clip of your best hog call or yodel.
Card SharksTake a photo of your team, each conspicuously "hiding" an ace on their person.
Dressed for SuccessThat unicorn onesie ain’t gonna do you much good in the wild. Get your group dressed up and ready for the trail.
Evening in the Wild (Required)It’s a cold night, so dim the lights, set your backgrounds, and show us your team keeping warm around a campfire.
Fashion ShowGo for a walk (at least around a block) wearing an outfit or item requested by another bounty.
Get Minecraft WorkingTake screenshots of each of your team members' Minecraft Avatars.
Hand OffSend a video of everyone on your team "passing around" an item.
Howdy WorldSet western themed backgrounds for everyone in teams and submit a screenshot.
Lights, Camera, ActionRecreate a scene from a western movie.
MillineryMake and wear a do-it-yourself cowboy hat.
Mixed GenresEdit a photo from an obviously non-western movie or tv show to bring it in theme.
Not so Silent FilmMake up dialogue and dub it over the attached video.
Prepare for an Attack (Required)You’ve caught wind that a bandit attack is coming!  Circle the wagons, and prepare your defenses.  Build a fort for your team out of household items.
Prove your Riding SkillSend a photo of a team member on horseback (past photo's accepted - photoshops not).
Ready for the Trail (Required)You're going to need a lot of provisions for your journey. Have everyone stuff a backpack with "supplies" and send in a photo.
Reference MaterialsFind an item with a cowpoke on it and take a photo with it.
Secret TreasureDraw a treasure map.
Shoo! Go on! Git! (Required)A wild animal has gotten in the way.  Gonna have to deal with it.  Show a team member wrangling a "wild beast".
Team DinnerHave dinner as a team. Everyone is encouraged to cook their favorite meal or a family specialty.
Trail RationsEat some beans.
Worlds ApartSend a video of your team doing something together… separately.

Puzzle Specific Bounties

After completing each puzzle, teams were given a bounty themed after that puzzle.

Big FarmaRecord a sales pitch for something you stockpiled but haven't used yet.
CactusDraw a new cactus species that might be named after an animal.
Check, Please!Design a western themed cocktail or mocktail for us to try.
Cow FactsSend in a brand new cow meme. We will image search your submission to verify newness.
CrosstalkBuild a tin-can telephone to limit future crosstalk. (Substitutes for tin-cans accepted)
Dead or AliveSend in wanted posters for everyone on your team, don't forget to give everyone a nickname, say what they're wanted for, and the reward for turning them in.
Do-Si-DoRecord everyone showing off their best dance moves.
DrawSend in an IRL version of your final drawing.
FlowersYour plants look thirsty, have you watered them recently?
Huntin'You killed it, you monsters. As penance turn everyone on your team into unicorns IRL (unicorns at least have horns).
LassosSend a photo of every team member showing off a different knot from the puzzle.
Look at this TelegraphMake us look at a graph. What graph? Up to you, but make us laugh. Make sure you label your axes and point out any important events that explain outliers in the data.
Now That's What I Call Moosic!Record a cow themed parody of the song of your choice.
Rein or ShineWrite a dramatic letter home about your journey or new life in Blue Yonder.
$#!t Talkin'Write a short newspaper article about your team.
TrappedTake a photo of you discovering some "treasure" IRL.
Washington TrailCongratulations, You've reached Blue Yonder! Design main street for the town. Everyone should contribute at least one building.