Frank Solution

How it works

Listening to the tracks on the CD, the teams will hear a snippet from each of the named songs. Listening closer, they should realize that all the songs segments contain exactly one color in the lyrics. Extracting all the colors, they should recognize that all the colors are used in resistor codes. Indexing the corresponding number of characters into the title extracts a phrase:

It Was A Very Good Yeargreen
Something Stupidblue
Something Stupidred
New York, New Yorkblue
I Like The Sunriseblue
It Never Entered My Mindorange
Little White Lieswhite
Bein Greengreen
Over The Rainbowblue
Just As Though You Were Herepurple (violet)
Stars Fell On Alabamawhite
Oh, What A Beautiful Morninbrown
Someone to Light Up My Lifeblue
Goody, Goodyblue
The Old Master Painterblue
I Hear a Rhapsodyblue

Result: Short night, long day.

Teams should realize that many of the songs also contained night or day as part of the lyrics, and make another pass listening to them. Extracting all the "nights" and "days" from the songs, replacing a "night" song with a dot, and a "day" song with a dash, will result in Morse Code:

It Was A Very Good Yearnight
Something Stupidnight
Something Stupidnight
New York, New York-
I Like The Sunrisenight
It Never Entered My Mind-
Little White Liesnight
Bein Green-
Over The Rainbowday
Just As Though You Were Herenight
Stars Fell On Alabamanight
Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin-
Someone to Light Up My Lifeday
Goody, Goodynight
The Old Master Painterday
I Hear a Rhapsodyday


Reading the morse code will reveal the answer: seedy.

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