Clue DesignAndy Echols (Echo)
DevelopmentAndy Echols, Ben Andrews
ConstructionAndy Echols
Voice ActorsAlain Gefflaut, Andy Rich (Andy), Erin Dallin, Feng Zhao, Irina Litvin, Jay McCleery (QQ), Nihkil Subramanian
StaffingAndy Echols, Brett Wortzman

Starting at Pioneer Park in downtown Puyallup, teams are directed to search for and decode transmissions emanating from enemy safehouses. Software for receiving the signals (Pizzasoft Superheterodyne Quantum Software Radio Receiver Starter 2010) and a map are provided. The map highlights portions of a few streets where the safehouses are suspected to exist. (the star indicates the starting location)

The software displays a signal level and plays the received signal. Initially, a signal is detectable on the meter, but completely overwhelmed by noise. At a distance of 100m, the station's audio signal reaches equal power with the noise, enough for indentification but not for a clear copy of the signal. Further searching yields a clear signal without noise and a specific location.

For the online version of this puzzle, the map is marked with letters indiciating the locations of the signals. The signal at each location is a looping track.

Loop A - Loop B - Loop C - Loop D - Loop E

Echolocation map