Ocean's Five

Clue DesignKim Vlcek, Andy Rich
DevelopmentKim Vlcek, Andy Rich, Greg Filpus, Jon Caruana
ConstructionKim Vlcek, Jon Caruana, Tristan Brown, Derek Westcott, Ben Andrews, Greg Filpus
StaffingKim Vlcek, Jon Caruana, Andy Rich, Sandy Degi, Melitta Anderson, Geoffrey Antos, Alan Stephenson, Amos Eshel, Matthew Douglass-Riley, Andy Echols, Jim Wordelman, Adam David Harmetz, Brent Axthelm

Teams arrive at the cafeteria for Microsoft Buildings 16 and 17 where they learn they have entered Oceanside Adequate Security Facility and that their final job will be to put together a plan to break Jimmy Fingers out of jail. Over the course of the weekend, the teams had received a series of nine "e-mails" from their mob contact Leo explaining the workings of the prison and necessary details for a successful escape. After arriving and being briefed, teams were taken to a control room, given a number of props to make their jailbreak run smoother, and told to let their contact know when they were ready to try to defeat the prison's security systems.