WiiSafe Solution

How It Works


"Hello and welcome to Armstrong Securities. By the look of you I'm assuming you are here to get into Mr. Finch's personal safe. He came in a few years back and installed his own security system and we don't really understand how it works. I can, however, give you a few instructions to get you going."

The bank teller proceeds to point to the WiiMotes and gives a quick lecture.

"The connection between the input devices and the security program located on the laptop are very fragile. If you pull out the Bluetooth receiver you will disconnect the devices and you'll never get into the safe. If you pull out the batteries or open the backs you may jar the connection shutting down one or more of the devices and also be denied access to the safe. Finally, if you press the power button on the top left of the security device it may break the connection, and well, you won't be able to get into the safe."

The bank teller turns to the laptop inputting some account information.

"I'll log you guys into your account here and Mr. Finch may have some additional rules for you to follow. I'll wait outside to give you some privacy and time to unlock the safe. Let me know when you are complete so I can lock things up."

Initial Screens

Login Screen – Unimportant to puzzle. Random input to get the game started so the teams don't concentrate on the puzzle prior to hearing the dialog.

Solve Screen 1 – A decimal number, example, "27383", underneath are 4 boxes with the values "6", "A", "F", "7". The following dialog:

"Good morning angels... {laugh} I've always wanted to say that.... {chuckle} On to serious business. 12 years ago I put something in this safe after spending the 4 years before that designing the system to protect my artifact. Now I can't remember for the life of me how to get in the darn thing. I do remember a bit about how I built this thing and I'm certain the devices you've been given are very fragile. So treat them with care. If you break them it is going to really push my buttons and I can tell you without this artifact my plans won't be complete. Get me that artifact and don't make me angry."

Solve Screen 2 – A decimal number, example, "47981", underneath are 4 boxes with the values "B", "B", "6", "D". The following dialog:

"Ahhhh, they made it past the first level of security defenses. Commencing the release of the bats."

"{chuckle}Just kidding, but it can't be that easy to break into my safe. Get to moving!"

Solve Screen 3 – One of two possibilities. The first possibility is a number larger than 65535. The second possibility is a number with leading 0's.

"You may have gotten past the security mechanisms, but you'll never get through my masterful locks. If you do though bring me back my artifact. I haven't seen it in sooo many years."


Solve Screen 1 – The teams are challenged to match up the dialog with the idea they need to push buttons. Each button press has a chance to change one of the LED's on the bottom of the security devices. The mapping of buttons is random and may be a LED on their device or an LED on another device. Each player has 4 buttons mapped which control 4 of the 16 LED's available.

Once they've mapped out the buttons they can attempt to generate the number on the screen in binary using the LED's of the devices.

Solve Screen 2 – The teams are challenged to match up the dialog with the idea that they need to shake the devices. In this way 4 of the 6 accelerometer directions are again mapped to random LEDs on other devices. This is somewhat tedious but after a while they can again generate the number on the screen using the LED's.

Solve Screen 3 – The teams are challenged to match up masterful locks with the fact there is a Master Lock on the chest. There are hints in the fact that the number on the screen either has leading 0's or is too large to be represented by the bits available on the devices.


Once in the case, either by solving the puzzle, picking the lock, breaking in, or in one case having the lock fall off for no apparent reason, the following is what you would find.

Opened lockbox

The clue reads: MASTERSWORD.

The note also contains information that you might find the trinket useful later... Hmmm, I wonder.