Clue DesignBrett
DevelopmentBrett, Irwin, Jay
ConstructionBrett, Andy, Jamie, Irwin, Jay, Jessica, Jeff, Marc, Chris, Yaser, Zach, Jenn, Allie


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Teams arrived at Red Square on the campus of Western Washington University, where they were greeted by a man in a plain white mask. The man claimed to be a Scientist with the Institute of Applied Synchronetics North Campus, and offered to help them repair their time machine. Before he could, though, he needed them to pick up some supplies from his "colleagues." The Scientist handed the teams an envelope with seven masks (six glowing in different colors, one plain white) and six order forms for the parts he needed, and sent them off to gather the supplies. When the teams left the Scientist, they quickly found that his "colleagues" were wearing similar masks to the ones they were given.

This puzzle is not solvable online.