Clue DesignRaggs
DevelopmentRaggs, Derek, Justin, Andy
ConstructionRaggs, Aura, Karen, Sandy, Andy, Jamie, Zach
StaffAndy, Echo, Scruffy

This puzzle cannot be solved online.

Teams arrive at a small building: Raggs' Playroom. Inside, teams are greeted by the teacher who instructs them to wipe their feet, play nice with the other kids and to read the nice poem that Raggs wrote especially for them. It is a shame of course that the poem was torn by Jimmy (as the rules page says) but the teams should keep an eye out for the rest of it.

When You Grow Up
By Raggs

When you are one, you say goo-goo
And cuddle with the furry zoo
When you are two, you scream and shout
Then you must take a nice time out
When you are three, you slide and climb
A real fun way to spend your time
When you are four, you touch your toes
And stick some marbles up your nose
When you are five, you're very nice
And roll your letters from the dice
When you are six, you match up dots
On tiles with what the other gots
When you are seven, you sing along
Whenever you hear the silly songs
When you are eight, you trade your cards
With images of baseball stars
When you are nine, you play a king
And live inside a castley thing
When you are ten, you build with bricks
And make for the teacher the thing you pick

Throughout the room, teams find stations set up with various games, activities: Stratego, Scrabble Jr., Happy Music!, Furry Storytime, Nap Area, Letter Dice, Playdoh, Cathedral, Chutes and Ladders, Marble Game, Black and White Dominoes, Time Out Corner, Builder Central, Blocks, Spinner, and Sports Baseball Cards.