Live-Action Lemmings

Clue DesignSteve Garrity, Hoop Somouah, Erik Neuenschwander (seed idea from Nick Fang)
DevelopmentErik, Steve, Hoop, Jessica, Jeff
ConstructionSteve, Hoop, Damon's house. Erin & Chase with excellent chalk art.
StaffingErik, Tricia, Adam, Shane, Andy R, Oz (AndyVa), Jeff, Scott, Kenny, Dana, Derek, Paul, Lara, Jason, Jon, Damon, Zach, and many more

Live Action Lemmings was, simply put, Lemmings in real life (as opposed to, eg. DHTML).

Driving into the Building 17 garage, teams found a row of "lemmings" lined up against the wall (wearing the requisite blue smocks and green wigs), a level built in 3D (with chalk art), and a big Windows XP Start button, along with the Lemmings theme song on infinite repeat. They were greeted by a staff member who told them "Welcome to Live Action order to get started, you'll need to find some tools for your Lemmings" and handed them a couple of u-turn signs to get them started.

Looking around the garage, they found small Firelake Resort signs taped to pillars, each of which had the name of a tool and a conference room in buildings 16, 17, and 18, along with an "X of 13" label indicating which tool it was (tools listed below). Upon sending team members to these rooms, teams found the aforementioned tools and brought them back to the set.

Boxing gloves
Hard Hat
Steel Plates
Safety Vest
Squirt Gun
Stop Sign
Water Wings
U-turn signs

When the Start button was pushed, a metronome started up, and the Lemmings began walking one by one across the level (from left to right).

Lemmings level

Upon falling off a ledge or walking across the red or blue areas, the Lemmings died.