Bonsai Sculptures

Clue DesignMatt, Jen
DevelopmentMatt, Jen, Scott
ConstructionMatt, Nick, Erik, Hoop, Sonya, Jen, Zach, Marc, Tricia, Derek, Lee, Shane, Oz
StaffingMatt, Jen

When teams arrived at the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection at Weyerhaeuser headquarters, they were greeted by two Firelake representatives and a table full of custom-made "bonsai trees". Their goal was to determine the message encoded in each tree (the trees were all identical). The teams were instructed to stay at the table until the message was determined.

Once the first tree was solved, the solution led to three more stages of the puzzle, each with their own tree that had to be assembled and solved. The bonsai garden itself was augmented with symbols attached to some of the trees' signs, and the teams had to explore the garden and learn about the trees to solve the puzzle.